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they intiBt havo made on a Ruscoptible youthful.
•Ainong(1,lu*m wore Fniuleiit von Briewt (marrie___
to Von 1 loch on thon to Vou Jb'ouqxu'j), then the well
known Rahol, and lionriotte Hera aw beautiful as she
wits  iuksllodiual, to wliom William. Htood in, almost
fraiumal  relation.    ThiH sentimentality of the elder
lm>klui-r, which chamctomod him at the university., and
which Hli^htly tiugod  bin future life, a sentimoixtality
which, u n i tx K I to  int( ?11 ooli, si 10WCK! itself especially in
tlio Jowinh (fircloH of Berlin as an echo of the age of
JM.rudolHBohn, found, lens susceptibility in, the physically
dulleato Aloxaixder.    Althoxigh this aenthnentality of
ihu fboliixgB ovoix infected his tutor Kxmth., his mind
<lowU>pod   ite  natural observing faculties,,   and   he
atrt^ady Btudied the wayR of nature,, for whose phe-
noxmma  ho   ovincocl   an   aixxioxisly  inquiring  raind.
Whiltj William waB pursuing the aenthetical studies of
the ago, especially thofi<,) of Schiller and Goethe, Alex-
ander followed the researches into natural history of
Goctho,   and   omleuvoxurod to   make his  knowledge
applicable  to  the  better understanding  of   natural
Tluiw bhc two brothers passed an exciting, happy
thru* of tlioir early education aB youths, partly in the
capital BO rich in. the means IOT education, partly
imdoiMihe domestic iuflxxoxico and protection, of their
beloved jnotlxor, oxx their family estate of Tegel; and
their descent from one of *the noblest families, as well
ng tlioir own reputation, easily opened the richest
BcmrooB of knowledge for them* Herein the two1
brothora are favoured oliilclrexx of fortune, for^ they
never suffcerod from temporal cares, from that faintiag
of the spirit, tldrstiixg for knowledge, and that striviw^
for opporttuiitieB to' apply the acquired knowledge
whiolx opprsHBeSj arxd womotimos quite destroys^ a
poor youtli of talent coining from axx obscure family*
'Another feoliixg which remained wtroaag1 ia the br0r
tlu^m during tlxoxr whole life, oad whxclx probably
took itH origin at this |K)rio(l3 is their PruBajLaa
Baforo their obll&iali